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So I’ve been meaning to launch this blog for a while… a voice to share my passion for film, plus a chance for me to take a break from writing about travel (my day job). So here it is!

As I’ve got limited time, and life is way too short to review films that aren’t awesome anyhow, I settled on the title Just Awesome Movies, with the plan to write about ONLY the really fantastic films I watch. Yep, this is the Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain of websites.

Of course I don’t want to merely present you with movies that are awesome, I want to tell you why I thought they were awesome, share some fun insights and ideas, and… who knows… maybe even provoke a hot debate or two.

I like to get my hands on little-know works, and have a bit of fetish for world cinema, particularly European. As long as they are not achingly pretentious. It’s fun as well to delve into the archives. I never understood the notion that the latest releases constitute something more worthy to watch than something from twenty years ago… so don’t expect this blog in anyway to be current. Aside from intriguing European treasures old and new, I also get a guilty pleasure from (re)watching 80s teen movies, plus I’m a big fan of sci-fi films, a genre that seems to made for celluloid and has provided us with arguably the most entertaining films of all time. That’s another way of saying I love Ferris Bueller and Star Wars, in case you hadn’t worked it out.


That’s it from me. I hope you find some inspiration for a great film experience right here, or enjoy re-examining an awesome movie you’ve already seen via one of my reviews… and hopefully agreeing with some of what I have written! (Isn’t it a satisfying thing, reading stuff you agree with?). Comments, (constructive) criticism and counterpoints all welcome.


2 thoughts on “About J. A. M.

  1. Great news! can’t wait to see what you offer up…though I would also suggest a suggestion box so that we can share some treasures with you…

    1. Suggestions box a good idea Ryan… although feel free to commandeer the comments function in the meantime amigo!

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